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Reminfos BV, Netherlands, is a professional electronics development company.
Our main priorities are:

About us

Our mission and vision

Reminfos BV is a Dutch company with English-speaking employees. We are an R&D team with a passion for making electronics.

Flexibility and quality are important aspects in our daily work.

Together and on behalf of our customers, we look for the right solutions.

Our service

Reminfos BV

Reminfos BV is specialised in the design and development of electronics. Because of our experience we are often asked to start developments in the field of micro electronics.

This can be just a sketch, just an only a schematic, only a circuit board drawing, or a complete product.

We discuss with you your wishes regarding the electronics to be designed. We deliver a product consisting of hardware and firmware, completely according to your ideas.

The big advantage for you is that you are discussing directly with the developers who will design your product. This rules out the possibility of mistranslating your wishes into a product.


Through a wide variety of customers, we have been able to build up experience in developing applicable electronics. There is a good mix of clients from the business world and government-related clients.


Reminfos BV maintains direct channels with suppliers of components and microchips. Because of this we are well informed about delivery times and availability of components and micro chips.

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Pieter Zeemanstraat 3

6603 AV Wijchen, Netherlands

For professional and developed electronics.

Developments for use with  GSM - GPS - GPRS - 4G - 5G - LTE - DMR - TETRA networks



By using the right choice of components and development of firmware, we can guarantee precise operation.

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close-up of a laser head, cutting stencilled patterns into metal sheets



Looking for electronics assembly of stable high quality? Get acquainted with Reminfos B.V. We are a professional partner when it comes to the assembly of printed circuit boards, prototypes and larger product series.



Reminfos offers you the opportunity to have products developed that can be marketed under your own name. This can also be a printed circuit board that you incorporate into your own hardware.

Close-up electronic circuit board with micro chips from a home appliance or laptop electronics and complex devices. Concept of microchips and future technology